Spirit Club

About Us


Our mission is to provide supportive and accommodating programs to increase the health & wellness of people of ALL abilities, including people with disabilities, mental health and substance abuse disorders, and age-related diseases.

At SPIRIT Club, we aim to strengthen people’s physical and emotional well-being by providing fun, high-quality fitness opportunities in social settings to people of all ages and abilities. Our certified instructors are trained to provide programs that are:

Integrated & involve

In order to fulfill our mission, we make an effort to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Sam Smith, a proud man with autism, was the very first person to join the SPIRIT Club team, and he is now a certified Fitness Trainer and Zumba instructor!


Spirit Club began in April, 2013 while Jared Ciner was working two jobs: one as a Support Counselor for adults with developmental disabilities, and the other as a Personal Trainer at a gym. After discovering an important need to improve community health & integration, Ciner teamed up with Sam Smith, autism self-advocate and marathon runner, and began designing & teaching a wide array of fitness & health programs that support the needs of people of ALL abilities.

“People with disabilities are 58% more likely to be obese than the general population in America” -Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Today SPIRIT Club has supported over 300 people with different abilities including people who are nonverbal, those diagnosed with autism, Down syndrome, intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, CHARGE syndrome, muscular dystrophy, paralysis, and stroke survivors. SPIRIT Club offers specialized programs for people with disabilities, as well as programs geared toward the general population. All SPIRIT Club Trainers are certified Fitness Instructors with additional training in the Behavior Management field.


Our Trainers

I am a proud man with autism who is also a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I began working for Spirit Club right off the bat…

“After my internship for Spirit Club in the summer of 2016, I realized that it was where I wanted to be…