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the washington post

WASHINGTON POST – Spirit Moves Them: Fitness Program is Tailored to People with Developmental Disabilities

Spirit moves them: Fitness program is tailored to people with developmental disabilities Don’t ever challenge Sam Smith to an enthusiasm contest. The 29-year-old fitness instructor has the booming voice of a radio announcer, the optimistic outlook of a cheerleader and the boundless endurance of a marathon runner. (He’s finished four.) So when he starts a warmup by shouting, “Welcome to Spirit Club! Let’s clap it out,” it’s impossible not to put your hands together. There’s no question the program Smith…

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B-more sun

BALTIMORE SUN – Spirit Club Helping People with Disabilities be More Physically Active

Spirit Club helping people with disabilities be more physically active As a support counselor at Jubilee Association of Maryland, Jared Ciner worked with the agency to provide services to adults with developmental disabilities. But when he began researching exercise programs for his clients, the University of Maryland graduate came up empty. "I realized that all of the people I was working with at the agency had being more physically active listed as one of their goals," Ciner said. "Meanwhile, I…

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national academy of sports

National Academy of Sports Medicine

“As a society, we are responsible for one another.” Jared Ciner was 23 when he created SPIRIT (Social Physical Interactive Respectful Inclusive Teamwork) Club, which offers group and individual programs in several locations around Washington, D.C., to help clients with disabilities of all kinds build muscle, boost flexibility, improve their diets, and just generally have a blast. Ciner, now 25 and an NASM-CPT, came up with the idea for SPIRIT Club while working as a trainer at a D.C. gym…

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CLUB SOLUTIONS – Fulfilling a Need

Sometimes trusting your instincts goes exceptionally right — just ask Jared Ciner. A few years ago, the Maryland resident was working two jobs. One was as a support counselor at the Jubilee Association of Maryland, a center that provides daily living and residential support for adults with developmental disabilities. The other job was as a personal trainer in a popular Washington, D.C., health club franchise. During that time he discovered an opportunity to tap into a niche audience and merge…

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university of maryland

University of Maryland – Trainer Gets People With Disabilities Moving In SPIRIT

Trainer Gets People With Disabilities Moving In SPIRIT Personal trainer Jared Ciner ’12 got odd looks from members of the Sport & Health fitness club in D.C. as he led his newest students to an exercise studio. Ciner ignored the stares that April day. He was achieving his goal of giving people with developmental disabilities an opportunity to improve their physical and social well-being. Ciner was combining his two passions. When he was not at the club, he was working…

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upstart business journal

Upstart business journal – Fitness trends to watch for 2015

Spirit Club gets inclusive In March 2014, fitness expert, trainer, and disabilities support counselor, Jared Ciner (center) launched Spirit Fit and Health in Bethesda, Md., and the Spirit Club an eight-week program aimed at helping those with developmental disabilities such as Down syndrome and autism spectrum disorders become more physically active. Those with special needs are 58 percent more likely to be obese than the general population and also have a higher likelihood of anxiety, depression and social isolation. Ciner…

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washington post express

Washington post express – A Place to Fit In Fitness

A Place to Fit In Fitness As the students filed into the exercise studio with their water bottles, they didn’t look all that different from anyone else at the Northwest Sport & Health Club. And that was the point. Jared Ciner, a support counselor with Jubilee Association of Maryland — a group that provides residential services to adults with developmental disabilities — recognized that his clients needed more physical activity. But they weren’t comfortable in a gym. “This population typically…

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The Spirit Club: a gym for people with disabilities – w/video

Kensington, Md. — Like most people, individuals with disabilities also need to get fit in order for them to remain healthy. But this is something that communities caring for them overlook most of the time. Jared Ciner knew that keeping fit is just as important for individuals with disabilities as it is for the rest of the population. And with this in mind, he decided to create the Spirit Club— a fitness club tailored to help everyone become physically fit,…

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