Spirit Club

This general fitness class is intended for people who are capable of independently following visual and verbal instructions. It focuses on improving its member’s body awareness, balance & stability, flexibility, functional movement, strength, endurance, speed, agility & social opportunities, nutritional habits and heathy behaviors. Classes consist of fun and interactive exercises focusing on a specific fitness-related theme as it pertains to a certain area of the body (upper, lower or core). The warm-ups are designated to the members, giving each person a chance to introduce themselves and lead. This is followed by partner exercises, relay races, group activities and stretching. Different types of fitness equipment such as balls, bands, chairs and rings are incorporated into the program. At the end of each class, all members are provided with hand-outs that explain exercise instructions, health tips and nutrition tips to encourage healthy living at home. Classes are designed by certified Fitness Trainers who are also trained in Behavioral Principles and Strategies I, II, III & IV through the Developmental Disabilities Administration.