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To make a donation to the SPIRIT CLUB Scholarship Fund

To utilize the SPIRIT CLUB Scholarship Fund


The newly formed Spirit Club Foundation 501(c)(3) provides scholarships to people with disabilities who are of low income and seeking participation in Spirit Club programs as well as other health & fitness opportunities in the community. This scholarship may reduce your monthly fee from $25-$50. CLICK HERE to download the Scholarship Application. To apply for a scholarship, please contact:
Steve Allen
Phone: 240.204.1144
Email: sallen@spiritclubfoundation.org
Website: www.spiritclubfoundation.org


The Arc of Montgomery County Respite program has approved all Spirit Club programs for funding. If you (member) are a resident of Montgomery County and live at home, you  may be eligible to receive $14.50/hour of funding towards Spirit Club programs. To apply for respite funding, please contact:
Rachpal Paul
Phone: 301.816.9647
Fax: 301.881.3383
Email: RachpalP@arcmontmd.org
Website: http://respiteservices-mc.org/Learn_More_About_Respite.html


The Jubilee Association of Maryland has developed a scholarship account designated specifically for Spirit Club members! Jubilee may provide you with $25-$50 per month of funding for Spirit Club programs. To apply for a Jubilee scholarship, please contact:
Alycia Alexander
Email: aalexander@jubileemd.org


LISS funding may also be used for Spirit Club programs
Website: http://www.marylandcommunityconnection.org/low-intensity-support-services-liss/