Spirit Club


"SPIRIT Club is a little known secret in Kensington. While it was started as a program to encourage adults with developmental disabilities to be more active, its mission is to create a community-integrated atmosphere. I discovered SPIRIT Club while volunteering to assist with fitness classes but was thrilled to find out about their training opportunities. Less expensive and less crowded than my gym, it feels good to know that it is also helping to further the mission of such a worthwhile program."
“Dear SPIRIT Club, Your classes are really AMAZING and my son absolutely loves them. He talks about it a lot at home and even does some of the exercises at home. He keeps the handouts nearby and refers to them often. Thank you for teaching him so much in a way that he really enjoys! He absolutely LOVES your classes and has learned so much! He will be continuing to take your classes, because they are just SO good for him in so many ways. Believe me, my son is 28 years old and your program is the BEST I've ever seen! Thank you for all that you do!”
“My 23 year old son started SPIRIT Club 18 months ago - wow what a change we have seen in him! He attends SPIRIT Plus and is accompanied by his support staff. He has gone from coming to visit a session for 10 minutes to being engaged for the whole session - even leading the occasional exercise! I call Jared the Fitness Whisperer. He and his staff really know how to get this population motivated and moving. We have also seen improvement in my son's muscle tone and coordination. SPIRIT Club is certainly one of the highlights of my son's week.”
“My son recently lost 21 pounds. He is more outgoing. He is more flexible. When he first started, he couldn’t sit or get down on the floor. He is doing that now!”
"I like the gym because I can make friends easily and exercise at the same time” ~Valerie Rigaux; SPIRIT Club Member
"SPIRIT Club is such a godsend. Thank you for helping Adie and her peers. You always have our support."