Spirit Club

SPIRIT Training provides personalized fitness instruction in a one-on-one setting. This can be used as a useful transitional strategy to help individuals warm up to exercising in a group setting. Our primary focus during SPIRIT Training sessions is improving the physical fitness of our clients, however there is a strong emphasis in all of our programs to promote emotional wellbeing, stress reduction and social communication & functioning. The amount of attention that these areas get is determined in collaboration with the client and their loved ones. Here you can create your own schedule, and we will help you establish goals and strategies specific to the needs of the individual, allowing for great efficiency in achieving results. In this program, your trainer will work with you and your loved ones to develop Individualized Fitness Plans that will determine exactly which area will receive the most focus. Goals and progress are closely monitored. We encourage all to participate in customized training along with the group programs in order to achieve optimal health results.