Spirit Club

National Academy of Sports Medicine

“As a society, we are responsible for one another.”

Jared Ciner was 23 when he created SPIRIT (Social Physical Interactive Respectful Inclusive Teamwork) Club, which offers group and individual programs in several locations around Washington, D.C., to help clients with disabilities of all kinds build muscle, boost flexibility, improve their diets, and just generally have a blast.

Ciner, now 25 and an NASM-CPT, came up with the idea for SPIRIT Club while working as a trainer at a D.C. gym and as a disabilities support counselor at the Jubilee Association of Maryland, an organization that assists adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. SPIRIT Club currently has 13 group classes a week and 105 happy members. “Physical and social activities are the things that typical members of society have many opportunities to experience, but for people with Down syndrome, autism, and other disabilities, few options exist,” Ciner says. “Having a place like the SPIRIT Club is extremely exciting for them.”

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