Spirit Club

Racial Equality and Justice

SPIRIT Club began with a mission to tenaciously promote inclusivity and equality. Creating a welcoming environment that cultivates teamwork, respect, and safety has always been critical to the success of our vision. We have been outraged and heartbroken by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis as it has exposed the many daily travesties that take place towards black members of our community. We believe it is our obligation to show our support for the black community, acknowledge reality, and take a stand. If you are in the position to contribute financially, please consider making a donation to The Innocence Project and/or The Sentencing Project, both nonprofit organizations fighting to improve the criminal justice system and combat mass incarceration of black people.

SPIRIT Club will always be a place that highlights unity, equality, and love. We will remain committed to uplifting marginalized groups of people, and moving our society forward in a positive direction at all costs.

“The world is saying to us there is still lots of hate.
Lets devote ourselves to love.
Love yourself so much so you can love others,
without barriers and without Judgement.”

-David Godoy