Spirit Club


The Spirit Club Foundation 501(c)(3) may provide monthly scholarships for specific fitness & wellness programs based on financial need, as defined by the Spirit Club Foundation.

In order to be considered for a scholarship from Spirit Club Foundation, the following eligibility criteria must be met:

  1. Applicant must demonstrate a financial need for a scholarship
  2. Applicant must have a diagnosed disability
  3. Applicant has reliable transportation to and from exercise program
  4. Applicant agrees and understands scholarship recipient data collection requirements
  5. Applicant understands 6-month scholarship term

Apply for Scholarship

Arturo Hervada – Arturo@Spiritclubfoundation.org
Director of Programs, Spirit Club Foundation

To make a donation to the SPIRIT CLUB Scholarship Fund:

To utilize the SPIRIT CLUB Scholarship Fund


Other Funding Sources


The Arc of Montgomery County Respite program has approved all SPIRIT Club programs for funding. If you (member) are a resident of Montgomery County and live at home, you may be eligible to receive Respite hours for a subsidy towards SPIRIT Club Programs. To apply for respite funding, please contact:
Rachpal Paul
Phone: 301.984-5777×1204
Fax: 301.881.3383
Email: respite@arcmontmd.org
Website: http://thearcmontgomerycounty.org/what-we-do/respite/overview-respite.html

LISS (Low Intensity Support Services) funding may also be used for SPIRIT Club programs. Visit the website below to learn more.
Website: http://www.marylandcommunityconnection.org/low-intensity-support-services-liss/