Spirit Club


"SPIRIT Club is a little known secret in Kensington. While it was started as a program to encourage adults with developmental disabilities to be more active, its mission is to create a community-integrated atmosphere. I discovered SPIRIT Club while volunteering to assist with fitness classes but was thrilled to find out about their training opportunities. Less expensive and less crowded than my gym, it feels good to know that it is also helping to further the mission of such a worthwhile program."
"One of the lead examples of inclusion in work setting is Spirit Club fitness for all everyone is welcome with open arms. Since I started working there in the month of October 30, 2018 I being treated with love, kindness, affection caring. I am part of a big family that help and support one another as a teamwork to get things done. If you happen to be in town please come visit us. Thank you Jared from the bottom of my heart you are the best." - David G.
"I think SPIRIT Club is very motivating, family oriented and helps to keep us in great physical and mental shape. Thank you for this opportunity!" - Stanley R.
"Spirit Club's use of this community center is quite possibly the highest use of our community space. We have so many other uses of our building, but no other activity brings the joy, uplift, and hope that Spirit Club brings to our community." - Phil Shapiro, Library Associate, Takoma Park Maryland Library
"Awesome organization supporting people with disabilities! We love partnering with Spirit Club and all of their instructors are fantastic!" - Glenda S.
“Dear SPIRIT Club, Your classes are really AMAZING and my son absolutely loves them. He talks about it a lot at home and even does some of the exercises at home. He keeps the handouts nearby and refers to them often. Thank you for teaching him so much in a way that he really enjoys! He absolutely LOVES your classes and has learned so much! He will be continuing to take your classes, because they are just SO good for him in so many ways. Believe me, my son is 28 years old and your program is the BEST I've ever seen! Thank you for all that you do!”
“My 23 year old son started SPIRIT Club 18 months ago - wow what a change we have seen in him! He attends SPIRIT Plus and is accompanied by his support staff. He has gone from coming to visit a session for 10 minutes to being engaged for the whole session - even leading the occasional exercise! I call Jared the Fitness Whisperer. He and his staff really know how to get this population motivated and moving. We have also seen improvement in my son's muscle tone and coordination. SPIRIT Club is certainly one of the highlights of my son's week.”
"SPIRIT Club helped me understand my body and empowered not just to work out on a regular basis. They helped me know that I can hit every mark no matter how hard or challenging it was. I went from 295 pounds to 242 pounds in a two-year span." -Monica S.
"I have made such a transformation with the help of Jubilee and the SPIRIT Club, I wanted to say a few things about my experience and Krista took a picture of me and my happy pants. Those pants are too big for me now since meeting Jared. The personal training style, knowledge, and encouragement was the extra nudge I needed to lose the 40 pounds. I still have far to go but now I know I can lose 40 more pounds with the help of SPIRIT Club. Jared is one of a kind and his team has fostered more creative ways to keep me from giving up. SPIRIT Club is not just about sweating and painful repetitions using various exercises but it’s a community of friendship and laughter. It’s truly a fun and amazing atmosphere that makes you forget the hard cruel day to day hiccups in life. You really do enjoy the core workouts, yoga stances, and the new basketball challenges with a classy twist. I will never stop attending SPIRIT Club and I hope that more people will see my stepping stones and rejuvenate with us on occasion or become a true member." - Monica S.
“My son recently lost 21 pounds. He is more outgoing. He is more flexible. When he first started, he couldn’t sit or get down on the floor. He is doing that now!”
"SPIRIT Club is such a godsend. Thank you for helping Adie and her peers. You always have our support."
"The SPIRIT Club is a safe harbor where people of all abilities can come to work out, make friends and have fun. As you enter the club, there is an immediate feeling of acceptance and community." -Diane Y
"The trainers are patient and respectful and give lots of individualized attention." - Krista O.
"I can't say enough positive things about SPIRIT Club! Jared, Tricia, Adrian and Sam, to name a few, are the best. They not only take the time to work with each individual, but they also train the parents/caregivers on how to work with their child in order to get the best exercise experience. This has really filled a void for the young adults who have aged out of other exercise programs. Keep up the great work!" - Jill B.
Our son Drew has been attending SPIRIT Club for a little over a month. From our first contact with Jared (the owner) and his team, we felt included and supported. They listened carefully to our goals for Drew and developed a program that keeps him engaged, builds strength and most of all, is fun. It's not your typical gym atmosphere-- its got a very special "come as you are" vibe that makes you happy to be there the minute you walk in. The staff and trainers are friendly, patient and seem to genuinely love what they do. If you are looking for a place that offers exercise and community for all abilities, you can't do any better than SPIRIT Club. - Maggie H.
"SPIRIT Club was an answer to a prayer. My adult son, who has developmental disabilities and autism, needed a safe place to exercise. When he first attended a group class he was shy and refused to participate; gradually he became more engaged and now he walks into the gym like he owns the place! His personal training session with Adrian is the highlight of his week - and now I take personal training at the same time and we work out side by side on our individual fitness goals. Our family LOVES SPIRIT Club and we are grateful to be part of the Spirit family." - Ginny A.
"I like the gym because I can make friends easily and exercise at the same time” - Valerie Rigaux
"I am constantly amazed by the wonderful trainers at SPIRIT Club, each one approaching fitness with compassion and understanding for each participant. They truly tailoring their efforts for each unique member of SPIRIT Club. The gym uses 'sand bells' very easy to grip and get a sweat going after a one-hour class!" - MaryAnn D.
"SPIRIT Club gets a total high-five! Founder Jared Ciner, CEO is inspirational - inspirational to the athletes, to parents, and no doubt to his staff. SPIRIT Club offers a much-needed venue to accommodate people of all abilities so they can exercise in a safe environment and work toward optimum health." - Liz N.
"SPIRIT Club is amazing!! Kristian works with my 11 year old son, who is differently abled, and we are over joyed by the results that we have seen. They are caring and dedicated. They create an environment that makes the program seem effortless. I highly recommend SPIRIT Club - Kensington!!" - Michelle K.
"I like going to SPIRIT Club, I like to exercise with Kristian, my awesome personal trainer. He makes me work hard but I'm getting stronger." -Carlo B.
"Our son, Paul, has benefitted socially and physically at his regular SPIRIT Club Session on Monday evenings. There is more fun and personality in that room during that hour than you can find at most places." - Janet C.
"SPIRIT Club has been a great addition to our son Sean's social and educational experience. He doesn't always get a lot of physical activity during his weekly routine, but he looks forward to his Sunday SC class and really does enjoy the exercise. We have been involved in SPIRIT Club for a few years now and would recommend it to any individual with disabilities who would benefit from a low-stress (and FUN) exercise experience. BTW, although all the staff is first-class, Adrian is the BEST!" - Sharon H.
"SPIRIT Club is not your typical gym atmosphere-- its got a very special 'come as you are' vibe that makes you happy to be there the minute you walk in. The staff and trainers are friendly, patient and seem to genuinely love what they do. If you are looking for a place that offers exercise and community for all abilities, you can't do any better than SPIRIT Club." -Maggie H.