Spirit Club


WUSA9 Area Codes Sam Smith and SPIRIT Club VideoSam Smith is a running coach with autism who is committed to helping other people with developmental differences meet their fitness goals at SPIRIT Club.


SPIRIT Club Journey VideoSPIRIT Club Journey – Finding a fitness program that is right for you…


Montgomery College SPIRIT Club Video
SPIRIT Club Mini Documentary by Montgomery College


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What’s SPIRIT Club all about? Check out this interview hosted by Montgomery Community Media, featuring the Founder Jared Ciner, and some of SPIRIT Club’s gym participants.


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What are news sources saying about SPIRIT Club? Take a look at this compilation that highlights some of our favorites.


How did SPIRIT Club get discovered? This Voice of America interview gives a full story.


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What do participants and staff members have to say about SPIRIT Club?


One SPIRIT Club participant got the opportunity of a lifetime – he got to meet the Pope.